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-Why to Repair Tyres




The repairing is an integral part of the tyre industry.  Without repairing the cost per hour for the transportation industry would be dangerously increased.

Repairs of Car, Truck and Earthmover tyres (Off-the-road tyres) are successfully achieved because of the tremendous progress accomplished in the field of repairs during past few years.

In spite of all the technological advances, the considerable expenditure in development and research, tyres often worth many thousands of rupees are made worthless in an instant because of an injury, every day.

Injuries that may lead to early failures may, through proper inspection, be detected and repaired before extensive and costly damage results.

Even with the best of maintenance practices, cuts will still be a source of tyre trouble.  The correct procedure for handling and repairing tyres should be given careful attention.  Close inspection of all tyres should be made at the time of inflation checks and all tyres having cuts that penetrate into the cord body should be taken care off for proper repair.

Why to Repair Tyres

Failure to make regular inspection and repairs when needed will result in unrepairable damage to the cord body.

Small rocks and dirt will get into shallow cuts in the tread and if neglected will gradually be pounded through the cord body.  Separation of either tread and/or plies often is the result of neglected cuts.

One simple method of forestalling this action is to clean out the cut with a awl or similar tool to remove stones or other matter which may be lodged in the cut.  Use a sharp, narrow-bladed knife and cut away the rubber around the cut to form a cone-shaped cavity extending to the bottom of the injury.

The Basic Objectives of Repairing

-To rebuild and reinforce an injured area in a tire in order to wear out the remaining tread.

To rebuild and reinforce an injured area in a casing in order to  reclaim  that  casing,  apply  a  new tread  and provide a serviceable tire.


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